Today’s society is data-driven Not only businesses, but you will see the bigger role that the managing of data plays everywhere, including private cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. This is what businesses have been monetizing for a long period however there have been certain shifts in the industry. Data management has become more organized and cloud computing has taken place. IaaS is one of the types of cloud services. Cloud computing helps to manage, process, store, and access the information from anywhere you want it. One of the reasons to shift to a remote server is the damages that may come if there is an emergency at the location and in case that the company is operating from various locations, the remote server plays an important part.

What is IaaS?

The primary purpose of IaaS is to help the organization manage its data, servers, and networks. It is a cloud-based technology where customers are required to pay as they use. There is no need to maintain a server or hardware from your side and all the data is backed up to the remote server. It gives you supreme control of your data than the other two types. You will get an interface where you can access your data, upload, backup, and manage it. The company is responsible for ay outages or any issues that may occur even though there are very fewer cases of that happening.


This is a lot different than the IaaS where you are not distributing the software over the Internet but using it as a platform to make one. This acts as a platform to connect the developers who work together. The custom application is made on the cloud and distributed. You don’t have to worry about the storage and management which will be taken care of by the company so that the attention can be diverted to the things where it is required. You will get control over the platform software and the software that is being created however if there is an outage or any issue with the OS, you will do too.



It stands for “software as a service” where the software is available online for subscription and is delivered by the internet. This is the most popular software on the internet and there are various benefits when you are considering it. It is easy to manage, and you don’t need to download it as well as comes in hands when you have a global team.

Pros & Cons

For SaaS, there is no requirement of any hardware. You simply log to the site. There are other forms such as IaaS where you get more control but there is a lack of flexibility that PaaS offers.


Before you decide to choose a particular cloud-based solution for your storage requirement, you must have adequate knowledge about it. The Internet is a good source. Once you have enough knowledge, understand the requirements of your business, and based on that you can make your choice.

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